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introduction of Coal :

coalCoal is a burnable atramentous or brownish-black sedimentary bedrock commonly occurring in bedrock strata in layers or veins alleged atramentous beds or atramentous seams. The harder forms, such as anthracite coal, can be admired as metamorphic bedrock because of after acknowledgment to animated temperature and pressure. Atramentous is composed primarily of carbon forth with capricious quantities of added elements, chiefly hydrogen, with abate quantities of sulfur, oxygen and nitrogen

Coal crusher solution :

Coal crusher is a blazon crusher of ore crushing equipments acclimated for crushing coal. Atramentous crusher is accustomed able-bodied in atramentous processing industry for a continued time. It is acclimated broadly in atramentous mining and atramentous processing because of its advantages. Xuanshi is a above atramentous crusher architect and supplier for ability plants, coke ovens or added accompanying atramentous crushing company. As the better exporter in the architecture and accomplish of atramentous crushers and additional parts, Xuanshi atramentous crushers are acclimated in a advanced array of actual abridgement and processing applications in 100 countries about the world.

Coal crusher classification :

According to the atramentous processing, we bisect atramentous crusher into three types as follows.

1. Primary atramentous crusher: Atramentous jaw crusher, atramentous appulse crusher, atramentous bang crusher (coal bang mill), Coal jaw crusher, is acclimated for crushing and broking big or ample atramentous in the aboriginal footfall of atramentous crushing bulb activated a lot of broadly in atramentous crushing industry. With its different advantages, atramentous impact crusher is favor of our customers. Atramentous bang crusher is developed from impact crusher that is acceptable for mid-hard and ablaze cutting materials, whose burden attrition backbone is no added than 100Mpa and clamminess lower than 15%, such as coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, blocks, limestone, etc.

2. Secondary atramentous crusher: Atramentous cone crusher

Coal cone crusher from Xuanshi includes cs series cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, HCS cone crusher and so on. Besides this, with high-efficiency and hydraulic pressure, cone crusher advised by crusher architect Xuanshi was broadly acclimated in mining, accurate factory, sandstone making, etc.

3. Tertiary atramentous crusher: Atramentous adaptable crusher, if you wish to apperceive added about this crusher, and again bang atramentous adaptable crusher.

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